Fox Trot Meadow Vineyard

These two-plus acres of Cabernet Sauvignon are named for a pair of resident foxes seen trotting down a row together one day at dusk. Located 100 feet below the Montaña Vista block, this parcel faces south and rests in a hillside depression that receives full midday sun but is protected from intense exposure. The sunshine provides 17.5 kilowatts of electricity for our home from photovoltaic panels installed there. Rows run east/west on beautiful rust-colored basaltic soils. Fox Trot was planted in 2001 to clone 337 on low-vigor 101-14 and 1103 Paulson rootstock and has its own irrigation set. Our oldest planting, this vineyard is the last to ripen and sets a modest crop, but gives fruit with great structure and remarkably juicy black cherry fruit.