Bobcat Run Vineyard

A two-plus-acre parcel sitting at nearly 900 feet, this block is divided between Syrah and Grenache Noir with a tiny planting of Viognier to be used in our Alis Cuvee blend. Adjoining this block is one acre planted to Petit Verdot. The block takes its name from a large feline denizen seen flashing by on several occasions. The Syrah, (a selection from the Bieno Nacido clone), Grenache Noir and Viognier are planted in a fairly cool hollow facing southwest. Its rows run east/west for good sun and warmth but not excessive exposure. As the block wraps west around the hillside, the Petit Verdot occupies a small cove sheltered from wind by an oak and madrone forest on three sides. Its rows run north/south and receive afternoon sun. The block was planted in 2004 on 101-14 rootstock and each variety is irrigated separately.