Organic Grapes

At Amapola Creek, all of our vineyards are Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Our site is gorgeous, ideal for growing the grapes we need to make the wines that Richard has spent his life perfecting. Farming organically is our way of ensuring that we will be able to grow grapes of the same high quality here indefinitely, preserving the land in its’ current healthy state for many years to come.


It is important to note that, while we make our wines from Organic grapes, our wines themselves are not Organic. Organic wine means wine that is made without the addition of sulfite, an antioxidant which stabilizes the wine and helps it maintain its’ flavor profile through the aging process. In Richards’ long experience, adding a very tiny amount of sulfite allows the true character of the wine to show through, protecting it from the masking effects of oxidation. Since we have such ideal soils, weather, and practices, it is simply not acceptable to us to reduce the expression of our terroir by withholding sulfite. Our estate wines therefore will always be made from Organic grapes, without making the claim to being Organic wines.


Our farming practices maintain and enhance the quality of the soil, minimize our use of irrigation water, and preserve the surrounding wild spaces. We recycle our graywater for use in our landscaping, and have installed a photovoltaic system to supply our own electricity. Additionally, since our friends and families drink these wines, we manage our vines in such a way that pesticide use is absolutely minimized. Those few pesticides that we do use are all CCOF approved, meaning that their use is safe for humans and wildlife. It takes a huge amount of attention and hand-tending to keep our vines in a healthy state without relying on harsh, modern, synthetic pesticides, but we think you will agree that the resulting quality of the product speaks to the worth of the effort.