Going Green

Amapola Creek Vineyards and Winery is certified under the California Certified Organic Farmers organization (CCOF). Working with Phil Coturri (Enterprise Vineyard Management Company), Amapola Creek has created and implemented a customized farm plan that addresses all ecological aspects of the property, vineyard land, power consumption, and water conservation.

Early on in the process of planting our vineyards, we decided that we wanted to farm our estate vineyards organically, so we reached out to the CCOF through Enterprise Vineyard Management Company to initiate the process. When the winery was completed in 2007, we applied for our CCOF handlers license for the winery facility and received approval January 2008. To date, all our estate wines were produced from our certified organic vineyards and since 2007 in our now organically certified winery.

To reduce our impact on the surrounding environment, we installed a photovoltaic system that generates the vast majority of our electrical power needs from the sun, for the winery, the water wells, and our estate home. This system produces an average of more than 42 kilowatts of electricity per day. In addition, we recycle our gray water from the winery for use on our landscaping. 

In keeping with the philosophy of being good stewards of our surrounding environment, we have chosen to invest in these systems, including the use of recycled packing material whenever practical.